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Heze high tech Zone Long'ao Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Long'ao engineering materials") is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and sales of bridge beam core mold and hollow floor of underground garage for house construction. The company's production base is located in Heze high tech Zone, Shandong Province. It was started in August 2019 and put into operation in November 2019. The main products are bridge beam core mold, underground garage hollow floor, cast-in-place beam core mold.
Longao engineering materials takes innovation and development as the strategic direction, satisfies the consumption upgrading as the goal, relies on the advantages of technology, industrial layout, operation management, R & D innovation accumulated by the company in the subdivided industries for many years, adheres to the development mode of "innovation driven + operation improvement", constantly enhances the independent innovation ability, cultivates and improves the core competitiveness. The company has built a leading innovation platform for fine chemicals and new materials in the industry, obtained more than 2 authorized patents, and continuously launched new processes, technologies and products to enhance the value chain and cultivate new energy.
The company always carries out the corporate culture of "seeking truth and progress, innovation and focus, sharing and win-win", gives full play to the professional advantages of lean operation, innovation and R & D, efficient service, and provides customized solutions for customers, and strives to achieve the vision of "becoming an excellent enterprise in the field of new materials" with high-quality products and technical services for customers!



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